When I was asked to do the sign writing on a 1972 Morris Minor pick up, the owner said:

I want the sign writing on my Morris Minor to look as if it was done by a signwriter back in 1972.
Can you achieve this?

Yes, was my reply. Then had a conversation about the reasons why most of the sign writing work that is now being done by hand, even though very nice, is lacking the special look of hand done work.

My side of the conversation went something like this:
“The problem is these last 25 years computerised technology has become an inseparable part of the sign industry. As a result, most signwriters are now using this technology for setting out. Even those who do not use computer generated drawings many are copying designed typefaces and drawing them to engineered precision, including the shading. The space in between these drawn lines is then filled in with paint: This is not the way it was done. Drawings were done, but not always and if they were, not to technical drawing standards. A good signwriter didn’t need to draw everything out so accurately anyway. Besides, a busy signwriter didn’t have the time. The precision thinking went into the setting out of the lettering, not the actual shape of the lettering, which on your van would have been roughly sketched out. Once the setting out was done and the signwriter was happy it all looked in proportion, the lettering would have been painted on in the signwriter’s own style, whether this be script, serif or sans serif. This is the way it was done. To paint on the shading the signwriter would simply strike a chalk line under the lettering and that was all. In 1972, this is the way your moggie would have been done, and to give you the look you are after, it needs to be done the same way.”
On a piece of paper, I drew a brief sketch to show a letter style that will suit the wording. The colours were agreed and that was it: I was left alone to get on with my work.

After I had finished, the owner of the van said. “This is exactly the look I had in my mind.”
If you want a vintage van signwriting or a classic van sign writing, and you want the signwriting to look as if it was done during those nostalgic analogue days of 78 rpm, 45 rpm singles and vinyl LPs: Give me a call. If you want your Morris Minor (moggie van) Austin A35 or A60 van, Bedford HA van, sign written the way it was done before the days of digital remastering, digital recordings, CDs, digital streaming and downloads: Give me a call. If you want sign writing to look the same as the bygone days, when hand painted sign work was all done; from the setting out to the painting of: By hand. Give me a call or send me an email. Even better still, make contact by putting pen to paper and send your hand written letter, inside an envelope addressed by hand to my postal address below.

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