The oxford dictionary, meaning of chaos. Complete disorder and confusion. Formless matter that existed before the creation of the universe.

Depending, on one’s religious beliefs or scientific opinions:

It was the spirit of God who created order out of chaos when all matter was formed to make the universe: And Heaven, home to God with his Angels; then Earth, home to mankind.
All was heavenly in heaven, until war raged; and after the war mongering rebel angels failed in their attempt to overthrow the Throne of God, it was the Almighty Creator who created Hell for the fallen angels to endure; immortal ruin and tempestuous fire, as an eternal punishment. The leader of his conquered army, he who Heaven named Satan, surrounded by Black Hell fire created Pandemonium; order in Hell. Filled with perfidious hatred for his conqueror, to seek revenge, Satan, with outstretched wings that will turn day into night, entered through the gates of Hell: Directed by Chaos, Satan flew towards Earth: Into the garden of Eden, where the first man and women lived in harmonious calm and peaceful bliss; until Satan in disguise, instigated mankind’s first downfall.

Robert Stevenson - The Sign Writer, Staffordshire - A Signwriters View, Chaos

Robert Stevenson - The Sign Writer, Staffordshire - A Signwriters View, Chaos

Robert Stevenson - The Sign Writer, Staffordshire - A Signwriters View, Chaos

Robert Stevenson - The Sign Writer, Staffordshire - A Signwriters View, Chaos

From the banishment of Adam and Eve out of the first garden; to regain the Paradise that was Lost; Is it not the goal of husband and wife, to recreate the divine garden thus bringing peace, harmony and order into their own lives, own home and garden?

This happen must; To love life as to live, to be selfless and to help others, to become a better person: For, just a short distance beyond one’s own garden gate, is a place, where good people are forced to venture; to earn their daily bread: A place, where there are people who will, to satisfy their own needs, and for joy; bring suffering and misery to others.

Heaven and Hell are created here on Earth.

Circa 1508, Copernicus proved that the Earth rotates around the Sun: Mankind then became, in the big scheme of existence, microcosmic. In 1859, Charles Darwin, put biblical doubt into the minds of people, and made it known to humankind that on planet Earth, they are not the chosen species.

All that what separates homo-sapiens from the rest of the animal kingdom is mankind’s ability to invent, and to change the environment that surrounds them: then adapt to the changes they make. It is this continuous cycle of inventions and adaptations that has brought the human race overtime, into the 21st Century. But alas, even with their unique ingenuity, the invention of Life taking and Earth destroying weapons also proves that, the inventive genius of the human race, advances faster than their mental development. On planet Earth, if there is anything larger than mankind, it is their hubristic superiority over all other life forms, and of nature: For in the year 1911, humans boasted that they have finally defied the laws of nature, by building a vast, metal unsinkable vessel; And over one hundred years later, that ship can still be seen at the bottom of the ocean, as a reminder to the human race; There are far more powerful forces at work than mankind.

When the pocket calculator was launched in the 1970’s, few realised back then the silicon microchip, inside, would in the 21st Century become an indispensable part of everyday human existence. Many I hear say, the internet will never cease to be, for if it were to happen, it would create total Chaos:
From Chaos God Created Order:

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